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Ubuntu Satanic Edition GRUB Splashes

This is collection of GRUB splashes made from official (+1 special) Ubuntu SE wallpapers. They are dithered, so they looks nice.


Example of dithered splash


  1. Download and unpack the archive. You should get bunch of .xpm.gz files.
  2. Place (or symlink) splash of your choice (they use the same name a wallpapers on the site above) to /boot/grub/ and rename it to splash.xpm.gz. You will probably have to use sudo.
  3. Run sudo update-grub.
  4. Reboot :-)

Non-Ubuntu users

Do the same, until point 3. Just add the following line anywere to menu.lst or grub.conf files. Just take care of (hd0,0) part, change it to appropriate drive and partition.


Resources used

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