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There is a place to share your opinions on useful programs and utilities. It is not only for informatics or geeks. It is for ordinary people, for anybody, who want try something new or who need to ask about some features. Tell the others about advantages or disadvantages and about your experience. I have just one praire: NO FLAME WARS! Please.

So. Let me introduce first three interesting programs:

Firefox add ons

I am sure you know this web browser. There are many many addons for it. Probably you know the most popular ones like Adblock or Forecastfox, but I discovered one called ColorfulTabs. It could be very funny, but also really useful. If you use 15 or more tabs (as me :-)) maybe you lose one's grip, but you can set colour of tab by its web address and simply orientate yourself :-).

Delicious (http://delicious.com)

You probably have bookmarks in Firefox. If you use IE, you know the same feature as Favourites. But sometimes you are far away from your computer and you must working on another computer and maybe you need some of your bookmarks and you can't remember the address. So you try to use Google and waste your time. If you use Delicious (instead of ordinary bookmarks), you just log in and you have your saved links anywhere. There are no folders, but tags. It means you save links in just one folder, but you give your links as many tags as you want (e.g. cooking, mp3, video, etc.) and the link is connected with each of them. And in addition, you can share your links with friends, class mates and others. And of course, there is an option „do not share“ if you want save something secret ;-).


Your internet radio station. It's also based on tag system. This radio remembers, what were you listening and try to offer you similar music. There is a lot of functions, but in my opinion this is the most important: listen what you want.

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